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PK Software

If you compound, you should use compounding software… and here are some reasons why:


  • Documentation of formulation
  • Documentation of compounding procedure for each compounded batch

Quality Assurance

  • Bar coding technology for chemical verification
  • Balance integration

Increased Profits

  • Customized pricing schedules
  • Gross profit margin validation on prescription dispensing

Increased Patient Care

  • Store patient test results in their personal profile
  • SOAP notes, consultation records, consultation invoices

Time Saving Features

  • Chemical quantities are automatically calculated for every unique batch to save you time
  • Download formulas from the Internet at your fingertips

Work Efficiency

  • Save time – automatic log records – no manual documentation required
  • Work flow tracking to locate prescriptions in your facility

To-Do System

  • Daily reminders
  • Cyclic filling for refill prescriptions of your choosing

Scanner Integration

  • Scan prescriptions to save with prescription record for easy recall
  • Scan hormone evaluations, studies, lot testing, and more. Store in software or link scanned records stored on another computer to PK data.


Why buy PCCA PK Software? The answers are simple…

  • PK Software Corporation is a solid reputable company with more than 20 years of experience.
  • PK Software is partnered with PCCA to integrate formulas and chemicals for PCCA Members. Includes a download function of PCCA formulas for PCCA Members.
  • PCCA quality assurance functions are featured.
  • The Compounder Rx will help you fill prescriptions quickly, efficiently and safely.
  • The Compounder Rx will save time and money by managing inventory levels, as well as updating your prescription pricing information.
  • The Compounder Rx will enable you to spend more time with your patients by reducing time consuming administrative activities.
  • Add your own formulas to more than 180 pre-loaded formulas that are included with the software. Copy from other formulas already on file. Or, simply download PK-ready formulas from PCCA, with more than 5,000 currently available to choose from.

Take a look at PK Software’s website at www.rxcmpd.com. Please call PCCA PK Software Support with questions or to order at 1300 722 269. Place your order online via the PCCA Members-Only website.