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Case Study: Third-Degree Burned Skin After Explosion – PCCA PracaSil™-Plus

Case Description:


A 51-year-old male was exposed to an explosion at work and presented with a third-degree burn on his back, neck and right ear. (Figure 1). The explosion caused him to become deaf in the right ear and left him with only 25% hearing in the left ear, which required use of a hearing aid. PracaSil-Plus was applied three times a week to the affected area. After 21 days, the back, neck and ear were completely covered with a new layer of skin (Figure 2). The pigmentation was rebuilt and the new skin was smooth and soft.

Patient Report:

Because of the explosion, I thought I would have to spend the rest of my life physically scarred due to the burn. I have a long way to go, but I can say my future looks better. PracaSil-Plus has been a miracle cream for me. People who are left with serious burn scars because of accidents like mine can be helped with the use of PracaSil-Plus. It may take longer to heal for some, but after you see the difference it makes, it is worth the continued use.

Download the complete PDF detailing the results of this study.

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