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Case Study: Ulcerated Leg Wound PCCA PracaSil™-Plus

Case Description:


A 61-year-old Caucasian man with type 2 diabetes, a sedentary lifestyle and a professional activity that involves a seating position, presented with a 4 mm (approx.) diameter ulcer on his inner leg, from 8 to 10 mm above the right ankle (Figure 1). The treatment was initiated using a compounded medicine containing mupirocin in PracaSil-Plus (Figure 2), which was applied topically in the ulcer three times daily. A second compounded medicine containing pentoxifylline 3% and nifedipine 3% in Lipoderm™ (Figure 3) was applied topically in the marginal area of the ulcer, also three times daily, in order to increase blood circulation. The patient was advised to exercise every hour using an elastic band, also to improve blood flow to the blood in the ulcerated area. The wound was closed following 63 days of treatment (Figure 4).

Patient Report:

I developed an open wound on my right ankle. Everything that I was asked to do by my doctor didn’t work and the wound was actually getting worse. A compounding pharmacist suggested two compounded medicines to be applied daily. In two months, my open wound was closed and the pain was gone. The treatment worked as promised.

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