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Case Study: Radiation Burn Skin – PCCA PracaSil™-Plus

Case Description:

illus-PracaSil CaseStudy RadBurn

A 72-year-old caucasian male had surgery to remove an acinic cell carninoma. Following surgery, treatment for the carcinoma was continued with 33 sessions of radiation therapy to the right side of the lateral area of his face. The area that was exposed to the radiation became extremely painful, sensitive, dry and scaly (Figure 1). PracaSil-Plus was applied four times per day and as needed when the skin felt dry. By day 4, there was significant tissue re-growth. By day 10, the area was almost completely healed. By day 14, the skin was smooth, soft and pink and the patient considered it completely healed and pain-free (Figure 2).

Patient Report:

The pharmacist recommended PracaSil-Plus due to her knowledge of other case reports with success in healing burns. A small sample of PracaSil-Plus was given to the patient which he tried for a day then came back for more. He wanted to treat the area with only PracaSil-Plus over what was prescribed to him because it was not painful to apply. The patient noticed how his external burns from radiation were improving, and at the same time, his internal burns (inside the mouth) at the area were not improving. He directly related his skin healing to PracaSil-Plus.

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