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Case Study: Facial Burn & Diaper Rash PCCA PracaSil™-Plus Pediatrics

Case Description (1):


A 5-month-old infant was severely scalded with a liquid on the face resulting in a major second degree burn. Following the incident, PracaSil-Plus was advised to be applied twice daily, in addition to a sterile bacitracin ointment. After eight days, there was a considerable progress of the infant’s facial burn, as shown in the figures below.

Pharmacist Report:

Eight days after the treatment, the father came back to my pharmacy with the baby and my staff was about to cry. The father was absolutely blown away with the results and we were, too!

Case Description (2):

The caregivers of a 15-month-old toddler suffering from diaper rash had tried several over-the-counter topical products without success. The condition got worse with time resulting in increasing pain and discomfort for the toddler. The caregiver was then advised to apply PracaSil-Plus two to four times per day at diaper change. After 48 hours, there was an overall improvement of the toddler’s diaper rash (see full PDF for images).

Caregiver Report:

PracaSil-Plus was applied only twice in the first day and we still got amazing results. It worked so quickly – it took away the pain almost immediately. We are very happy!

Download the complete PDF detailing the results of this study.