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Technical Report: Efficacy of PracaSil™-Plus in the Improvement of Scar Appearance - Part 1



PracaSil-Plus is a proprietary anhydrous silicone base designed to be applied topically in scar therapy treatment (PCCA, 2013). Silicones have been widely used for their occlusion and hydration properties, which are essential in scar management (Widgerow et al., 2000; Mustoe, 2008). PracaSil-Plus also contains Pracaxi oil, extracted from the oilseed plant Pentaclethra macroloba, which has several medicinal applications including skin regeneration and healing (Costa et al., 2014). PracaSil-Plus may be used alone or as a base for the incorporation of active substances in scar therapy treatment (PCCA, 2013).


The efficacy of PracaSil-Plus in scar therapy treatment was evaluated by visual and instrumental methods in an eight-week, randomized, double-blind, controlled study. The evaluations were conducted at week zero (baseline) and at week eight. PracaSil-Plus showed qualitative a nd quantitative improvements in the following scar attributes: scar length, scar color/pigment intensity, scar texture/smoothness/roughness, and overall appearance in both old scars and new scars.

Results and Discussion:

At week eight of application of PracaSil-Plus, the scars of all subject volunteers were evaluated by both visual and instrumental methods. No adverse reactions were reported, on or around scarring, by any of the subject volunteers.

Download the complete PDF detailing the results of this study.